Resolutions for 1997

These folks have bared their deepest hopes and dreams for 1997. We'll check back later and see how they've done.

I resolve to finish writing that children's book that I kept putting off, and I am going to start on it first thing tomorrow. I also resolve to learn to like Chihuahuas, because all dogs deserve love, even those that look like hairless, bulging-eyed rats.

Tara Coulter, Douglasville, Georgia

This year I vow to be more organized in all facets of my life . . . including tuning into PHC at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday evening, rather than realizing halfway through Sunday that I missed it again.

Susan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

May I have the blessings of many a guided stroke to my touch as I venture into the world of massage.
May those I encounter enjoy their massage.
May I learn to stay forever young at heart.

Renee Hankins, Trotwood, Ohio

Dear Mister Keillor,

I really, really really want to make a resolution this New Years so I can tell you about it, but I have a small problem.

See, it all started last Easter or so. I gave up resolutions for Lent.

Marc Frucht, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

PS. great web page

1. Make peace with the Past.
2. Live in the Present
3. Ignore the future

Richard Wall, Tennessee

My New Year's Resolution is to resolve to be more resolute concerning my resolutions. Maybe.

Andrew Mathews, Burlington, Vermont

To gain 21 pounds and grow five inches by spring so I'll be taller than Sarah for our pas de deux in the spring recital

and to learn to juggle

James Olive (age 12.75 years), Nashville, Tennessee

To buy as many good hard cover books as possible, especially from the great little shop still in there standing tall against the big boys whose names being with "B."

Martin Fass

I, Michael Rodriguez, of the Village of Irving, Texas, do hereby resolve to listen closer to my dreams and the whispers of my friend(s). I also resolve to have the good sense to hide the bodies when they piss me off.

A single resolution, one word: FLOSS!

Susan Roberts, DeKalb, Illinois

The world is a great place to live, (but could be better)
Be it hereby resolved that:
I, Debbie Evans, will help make it better by eating all my vegetables.

I resolve to get every last one of my Christmas cards mailed by Valentine's Day!

Jackie in Minneapolis

We do resolve to maintain the rigorous requirements of a physical fitness routine, in that we will actually "run" out for cigarettes.

Brian and Joan

I resolve to tell my 6 year old "I love you" each time we part.


January 2, 1998

Dearest friends -

I am proud to say that I managed to say "I love you" at least once each day (and every time we parted) to my (now) 7 year old son, Grey, during the past year.

In fact, it became our game for the last month: "Dad!! Wait!! Have you said you love me today?!"

"Well, perhaps not in the last five minutes - but I do love you. Now go to sleep for goodness sake!"

In fact, just this morning we discussed what our resolutions for the next year should be. We have decided together to say "I love you" to at least one other person (besides ourselves) each day. He quickly calculated that that meant 730 more "I love you's" would be distributed throughout the year.

Your request for resolutions was a great way for me to express my undying love for my son - and for us to reflect on the need for more love to be given to more people.

With best wishes for the New Year -

Walter Reeves (WFR96)

I resolve to listen, listen, and listen some more, until I find the humor in "Car Talk."

Jeff Sawyer, Erving, MA

My resolution is as follows: clean all the junk out of the house, all the clutter out of all the corners of my life, and to stick to my resolution for once!

Kathy Shupe

To convince Garrison Keillor, the world's tallest comedian and purveyor of things Wobegonian, to come back to Southern California and perform in a venue truly worthy of his talents, like the Forum or something. He could probably get a bigger audience than Neil Diamond....

Michael Liebmann

I resolve to be civil to my elders (if I can find any).

Janice Jacobson, Culver City, CA

I        re  solve       to   learn     how     to  

type quik er next year.

Manuel A. Sanchez, Torrance, California

For the year 1997, I resolve to resolve the nagging loose ends in my life.

Karen Jones, Honolulu, HI

Mr. Keillor:

This year I resolve to get help for my condition, you slimy slithering slug! Apparently, I have a problem lashing out at the world, you pathetic putrid pipsqueaky pimplebrain! My wife tried to put up with me, and I really and truly hope she is happy with her new husband, that miserable mule-muffin-munching malodorous musclehead from Maryland!

Personally, I don't see it. I'm a nice guy! I don't have anything but nice things to say about everyone I meet. In fact, the last time I saw my therapist, that sniveling snow-blowing snipe-snot-sniffing sneaker-stealing Sinunu-supporting snake, he told me that I am a genuinely caring human being. Apparently, I am so passive- aggressive that I don't even realize I am hurting people! Go figure!

Anyway, hats off to you and the cast of A Prairie Home Companion, those lousy lawless liberals who love to louse up the lives of us loving law-abiding laymen with stories of lewd and lascivious lamenting losers who like to use loud ludicrous alliterations. You're all doing a bang-up job!

Happy Holidays,

Carl Franklin, Ledyard, CT...

...where the quiet country farms have been replaced with huge Pequot and Mohegan Indian gambling casinos.

God help me ;-)

I think that this year I'll try to be less critical and demanding of folks...starting, conveniently, with myself.

Steve Averett, English major - University of Georgia, Athens, GA

I've made several resolutions that I have a great chance of succeeding with. They are to increase my cholesterol level, start drinking moderately, indulge in sugar, and lose money in the stock market. Nah.... just kidding.


When we are charitable in our daily lives, are we not, either in the smallest or the largest of ways, expecting some kind of gratification from our charitableness? I had always hoped that I was not in that category; however, I realize that I could have been more charitable if I didn't expect anything for it.

This year, I hope to give of myself, in every capacity, without the expectation of RETURN. Because, when I am charitable, I want it to be the genuine kind.

Cynthia Towle, Oregon City, OR

This is the year I'm finally going to put my foot down. No kidding. I really mean it this time.

C. M. Duncan, Cambria, CA

My resolution is to keep on bothering APHC until I know how and where I can order a copy of "The Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra", and a copy of the Lake Wobegon's Christmas story that explained how we got lights in the Christmas tree. The latter indicated that Luther bumped his head while wandering around amid a stand of Christmas trees. A listener in Ontario, Canada, would be very grateful. Happy New year!

Arie Vanderstoel

For 1997 I will remember that the prune kolachkys are not a good idea after indulging in mass quantities of lutefisk and lefse! (the outcome was extremely undesirable)

Bruce Woytassek, Wahpeton, Nort Dakotah

1 .. to walk for 30 minutes 4-5 times a week as I am too lazy and cheap to join a "health club" that consists mostly of beautiful 20-something females (me being Renoir-style beautiful, wise and 42).

2 .. to be 5 minutes early for everything instead of my usual 7-10 mins. late.

3 .. to refrain from saying "yes, but" while engaged in conversation with ANYONE, especially the darling children.

4 .. to try and listen to PHC in one sitting instead of half the first day and the other half on the re-broadcast day and then learn how to use the cassette recorder so I can tape some of my favorites!

Most Sincerely, Happy New Year

Linda in Spokane

P.S. Please consider bringing PHC to the Pacific Northwest again soon; I have missed the previous shows. I can't tell how much "the show" means to me!

I resolve to read more books, write more letters and give more compliments. (By the way, I love your show.)

Leitha Matz, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This year I resolve to not take myself so seriously and maybe even try to poke gentle fun at myself, just like Garrison does on the show...

Kim, Champaign, Illinois

I resolve not to break any bones in 1997. I also resolve not to grow more seedlings than I could possibly plant in one summer.

Happy New Year.

Ann Roberti, Andes, New York

I am one of those Lutheran clergymen you used to talk about and my New Year's Resolution is to bring my Grandfather Wally to see you in person in St. Paul. He wants to see you so bad...and he's in his 80's!

Thanks for the Saturday Night entertainment...settles my nerves while learning my sermon for Sunday!

Rev. Knippel, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

I resolve to stay warm in the winter, stay cool in the summer, but most of all, to keep breathing!

Molly, St. Paul, Minnesota

I resolve never again to make another resolution. I don't keep them; I can't remember them; and whatever I vow to do differently, better, more of or less of, I do the same anyhow.

Andi McGlincy




1) Say 'Yes, Dear.' to my husband more often, even when I don't mean it. It'll give me perhaps ten more hours of argument-free time per week.

2) Whittle last year's resolution to build a bookcase down to build book-ends and this time do it!

3) Shout NO! and run screaming from anyone who tries to tell me where I can get a 'car that needs a little work' for one of my teenagers. The thousands of dollars I save will help with insurance costs and duct tape for the cars we own that are drivable.

Wish me luck.

Happy New Year,



I resolve to stop taping movies I'll never have time to watch and watch the ones I've already wasted precious time and resources by taping. I am drowning in amusements and yet I am not amused. Must be the government's fault.

Lisa Holm, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am going to shed 100lbs. (from 280 to 180) even if it kills me (and if I don't lose it, the weight will kill me).

Joe McLaughlin, Lynbrook, New York

My name is Aaron Keller of Gales Ferry, Connecticut. I hereby resolve to listen to A Prairie Home Companion until my name is mentioned. I also resolve to spend less time in front of the computer screen where I write this.

Dear Mr. Keillor
My New Year's Resolution is get off my duff and get myself into a semblance of physical fitness. Of course this idea ought to last only until the second or third sit-up.

Roger Flores, Yakima, Washington

New years resolution is to work more in '97 to pay for this whiz-bang computer.

Say Hi! to Father Tom and Mathe Damrosch,

Ranger Bill,

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